The A's to your Q's

What is the Rubicon Urban Crictionary?

The Rubicon Urban Crictionary is the brand new home for all the weird and wonderful terminology of cricket. We aim to define the game, one quirk at a time.

When did you become a partner of the ECB?

We began our partnership with England Cricket mid 2017 after a very sad seven year break from the sport but now we are excited to be back and are raring to go!

How long is the partnership?

We are currently partners until 2020 so at least another year of fun ahead and celebrations of the game to go!

I love this- how else can I get involved in this campaign?

You can find us at 12 games this summer with our fantastic and exciting photobooth where you can act out your favourite cricketing terms. Our social media is also a great place to be (Rubiconexoticuk) to talk to us about your favourite cricketing terms and celebrate amazing performances by teams this summer. There may or may not also be opportunities to win so really cool prizes.

Who founded Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks?

Great question! In 1982, two employees in charge of a major international soft drinks company decided to quit their jobs and start their own business specialising in exotic juice drinks. Using one of their kitchens as a lab to invent delicious fruity thirst-quenchers, they launched the UK's first ever sparkling passion fruit drink, calling it ‘Rubicon Passionade’. And so Rubicon was born…

Why call the company Rubicon?

First of all, why not!? Rubicon has had a special meaning ever since a young, ambitious and devilishly handsome Julius Caesar made a major commitment and – against the Senate’s orders – decided to cross the river Rubicon between Gaul and Italy. Caesar’s action was the first step in what eventually led to the creation of his Roman Empire. Like Caesar, our company’s founders took a big risk and ‘crossed the Rubicon’ (see what we did there?) By leaving their safe jobs and founding the company, they took a decisive, irrevocable step. There was no going back… And we’re all thrilled they didn’t!

How long has Rubicon been making exotic juice drinks?

Ever since 1982. That’s the same year I was cast as the lead in an ill-conceived TV show about crime- fighting palm trees. Ah, the 80s, wild times…

What flavours do you have in your range?

Rubicon has a wide range of exotic flavours in both still and sparkling variants. Check out our product page at

How much sugar is in your Rubicon Mango?

Wow, another incredible question. Head to to find out the nutritional information of all our drinks.

Where are Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks made?

All Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks are made in the UK. We source the fruit for our drinks from countries all around the world, shipping them to the UK.

Are Rubicon products suitable for Halal consumption?

We are a company specialising in making soft drinks and as such we are not in a position to define whether our soft drinks are halal or not. However, when we have shared information on our products, such as Rubicon and IRN-BRU, with the GMWA they have confirmed that our drinks are in compliance with the rules of Shariah and are therefore Halal. Following the development of modern analytical equipment it is now possible to detect minuscule traces of alcohol in the majority of soft drinks including fruit juices. These trace levels of alcohol can either come from the process used in the production of the flavourings that are used in some soft drinks or from the fruit juice. For example modern analytical equipment will show trace levels of alcohol in an orange or a mango picked straight from the tree. Flavourings are added to many thousands of food and drink products right across the UK food Industry because they are an essential component in delivering and maintaining the individual products unique, characteristic taste profile preferred by their consumers. These trace levels of alcohol are so minuscule that they have no effect on the smell, colour or taste of the product and so bears no trace of its original nature. The body metabolises the alcohol faster than it is consumed, meaning it can have no possible intoxicating effect. We hope this answers your question and that you will continue to enjoy our products.

How do Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks attain their authentic flavour?

Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks aim to replicate a near perfect fluid version of the exotic fruit they are from. They also contain a similar number of calories as a 100% juice like, for example, orange juice which is approximately 50 kcals per 100ml. Exotic fruits, such as Mango or Guava, have very thick pulp, which means we sometimes have to add water to produce the very best taste and texture. Our recipes need to include water to gain the right consistency for the perfect drink and, if necessary, sugar is added to achieve the sweetness of the original fruit. Some non-Rubicon brands are blended with cheaper juices like apple or grape so they can claim their drinks are 100% juice. But at Rubicon we’re passionate about producing exotic juice drinks with the real authentic flavour of only one single fruit per product. Take Mango for example. Some other mango-tasting brands say they are 100% juice but the important thing to know is that they are not 100% Mango juice! These products are blended with cheaper juices and could contain only a small amount of Mango juice. Adding these base fruits obviously affects the overall flavour. Some people may enjoy these drinks but if you’ve eaten mango, and you want a drink that tastes just like the fruit itself, then Rubicon is the drink for you.

Do I have to keep Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks in the fridge?

…Not until you’ve opened them. All Rubicon cartons will keep at room temperature for 12 months from the date of manufacture. Once opened, they should be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days. Although, if you’re anything like me, they’ll be lucky to last 4 minutes. Mmmm, delicious Rubicon. The 330ML cans will keep for 18 months, and the 500ML and 2L plastic bottles will keep for 9 months. Once opened, they too should be refrigerated and consumed within 3 days. Tasty Tip: all our drinks are more refreshing if served chilled from the fridge.

Are Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets?

Most of our drinks are suitable for a vegan diet. The only exception to this is: Rubicon Pineapple & Coconut They are not suitable for vegans or people suffering from a dairy allergy because they contain sweetened condensed skimmed milk.

I am dairy intolerant – do any of the Rubicon Exotic Juice Drinks contain dairy?

The majority of our drinks do not contain any dairy. The exception to this is: Rubicon Pineapple & Coconut